Totally eco-friendly

A product that allows you to get easy building authorizations.

There are many characteristics that makeBiodesign an innovative product, starting with its limited environ- mental invasiveness, which allows the pool to fit harmo- niously into the context without the use of reinforced concrete. Therefore, the environment is the first benefi- ciary: the products used, the waterproofing as well as the weight of the supporting structure are a true innovation. This is a system designed to create luxury, well- being and ambiance simultaneously. Quality, natural- ness and beauty, a mix of natural components skilfully integrated with the best technology, combining ethics and aesthetics: this is a Biodesign pool, an outstanding example of the “Made in Italy” in the world.
Sustainability, environmentally friendly and bio-com- patible. When these words are used, they are generally used as a business slogan and certainly do not refer to humans actual sensitivity towards the environment.

We often deal with this issue in our courses deliberately asking the audience open questions. Responses are al- ways a confirmation of our impressions. The only com- plaints about environmental matters that engage the audience are in fact those related to the difficulties ob- taining permits to build swimming pools or those cases when they are denied.
We should try thinking about whether or not by chance our insensitivity actually has something to do with those administrative restrictions. Years of environmentally ag- gressive construction practices towards the environ- ment and the beauty of Italy as a whole have perhaps contributed to the creation of terrible procedures. Let’s be clear, this is not a justification of the inefficiency of the Public Administration, but rather and invitation for us all to increase our awareness in the first place.
In recent years we have interacted many times with the Public Administration, Building Offices of Planning and Development Departments, and the Superintendency of Fine Arts while assisting our customers and helping them out with permit applications for the construction of pools based on Biodesign technology. On many oc- casions we have witnessed the resigned look of officers, who at the word “pool” did not even finish looking at the rest of the documentation and closed the matter.
But these initial responses were not enough to discour- age us. We enriched our documentation and returned to the same offices with the relevant certifications. We presented technical reports emphasizing the charac- teristics of the technology we intended to license and specifying the advantages including the absence of reinforced concrete and the use of waterproofing tech- nology even recommended by Green Peace, as well as geological reports and landscape screenings. In that way we demonstrated that for all intents and pur- poses, Biodesign pools do not degrade the sur- rounding beauty rather they are just an artificial lake perfectly integrated with the environment.