The nineteen

Bathing establishment
Santa Cesarea Terme (LE), Italy

The pool consists of three basins (for a total water surface area of 3,400 m2), two of which have an infinity edge on the seaside to créate a sense of continuity with the horizon. Thanks to their placement on di_erent levels; the basins spill over into an open-air, non-bathing channel of 300 m2 that acts as a compensation tank and ornamental fountain.
The lower pool has a curved shaped and is crossed by a wooden bridge; at the centre of the widest part of this pool, a geyser of air and wáter intermittently spurts from a sand dune. Finally, the third basin was specifically designed for children in a somewhat secluded area, so that the other pools are quieter and, at the same time, to allow greater control over the adjacent areas.
The location of this construction is situated on a coastline composed almost entirely of rocks overlooking the sea, interspersed with marvellous beaches reachable only by boat. The intention was to create a section of sea and sand that could be reached easily and accommodates a large number of people.
Thanks to the low environmental impact of Biodesign construction technology, it was posible to construct this project in an extremely charming natural setting; Biodesign’s innovative structural system ensures excellent water tightness even in a rocky area with many static problems.
Construction times were very fast: less than two months from excavation totalling, allowing the client to open the facility to the public in the month of July, exploiting the most profitable part of the tourist season.