Biodesign revolution

When speaking about swimming pools, the mind runs immediately to the traditional “boxes” of reinforced concrete. Good for swimming maybe but not particularly aesthetically pleasing, creating difficulty for their integration into the surrounding environment. At least that was the situation until recently. Today Biodesign Pools offer an alternative that radically changes this concept. Our company has been in operation for over 40 years as a market leader in the field of monumental fountains, artificial lakes and biological wa- ter treatment systems. A leading productive reality, a guaranteed network of authorized in stallers in various countries qualified to realize our pools, and an in house design studio and seasoned research and development department guarantee a high quality result.
Almost ten years ago, the Biodesign innovative, patented technol- ogy was born, thanks to which, pools have changed their image. The pool has now become an extremely comfortable living area modelled to accommodate the bathing needs of the client and to adapt to the surrounding landscape. This personalization is created through the in- clusion of a series of exclusive features from beaches for shoreline re- laxation and sunbathing, a safe place for children to play, to modelled submerged chairs, beds and even an aero-therapeutic massaging zone, without the loss of the swimming areas.