About us

We have completely revolutionised the pool concept.

API Italia was founded in 1980 by Franco Milani, who is still in the company as honorary president.

In 1996, Alessandro Milani, the current Managing Director of API Italia, graduates at the age of 23 in Political Science with a specialisation in economics at the University of Padua.
From 1996 on, he starts a path of personal and professional formation, firstly in the social area and after in the company of his father, where he made a series of experiences in the technical departments, planning and installation and as well in the industry of professional irrigation, fountains and monumental lakes. Thereafter, he focused on the commercial development of the company.

Thanks to this technical and commercial formation, Alessandro Milani was able to create the new construction technology called Biodesign, which connects the environmental, aesthetical and industrial benefits of the lakes with those of swimming in the pools. With this vision and the same determination in the growth of this new technology, new and important patents were created, which are now innovating the pool market.

In 2011, Alessandro Milani has conceived a new model of development of the Biodesign technology, which is based on the ethics of the industrial processes by eliminating the loss of value from the activities related to the product/technology.

In fact, in November 2012, this innovative industrial model was presented with the objective to create an international network, which can bring value to the product by taking advantage from the competences of every single unit.

For these reasons, the industrial development model of Biodesign is able to guarantee stable and continued profits for every single unit of the network.

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Our company

API Italia is a leading company and is present from over 30 years in the industry of water management for an aesthetical and recreational use, and for the irrigation (artificial lakes, fountains, water games, biological water treatment and professional embedded irrigation).

API Italia starts its activity in Milan in 1980 focusing mainly on the irrigation of golf courses and public parks: the company plans installations for over 30 golf structures and for the most important parks in Italy.

At the start of the 1990s, API Italia introduces centralised telecontrol system in the italian market for the management of all municipal green areas; it develops and produces smart controllers that can manage all the technologies of the garden, irrigation, lights, fountains and pools, and plans many of the most important fountains in Italy. In 1995, it obtains the exclusive licence for the OASE products (monumental fountains and lakes).

api italia biodesign pools

Biodesign Pools

The knowledge acquired in the installation of lakes and pools with phytopurification make it possible to create in 2007 a new technology that is capable of transferring the environmental and aesthetical advantages of the lakes in the pool world by enhancing the product customisation and improving the swimming experience.

In 2010, Biodesign Pools becomes the core business of API Italia thanks to two international patents, which introduce important innovations in the world of pools: reduction of the environmental impact of the construction techniques, construction and economical advantages for the customer.

Furthermore, API Italia has acquired important skills in “water treatment” and transfers them in the market through training courses. It has innovated the sterilising market by bringing well-being for the pool user and avoiding the production and disposal of huge quantities of industrial chlorine.



The international pool fair, which was held in Barcelona, has awarded the Biodesign technology as the most sustainable and eco-friendly product in the pool industry.

Thank to the internal know-how, the continuous research of the most advanced and reliable technologies and their exclusive patents, API Italia has led to a technological change in the pool market that up to that time was dominated by heavy structures with rectangular shapes (in concrete). In this way, it started an exponential worldwide development.

biodesign biopisicna

The activity

API Italia is the owner of the invention patent, know-how, planning and distribution of the Biodesign pools: an excellence that has completely innovated the pool market.

API Italia provides a complete service, which reaches from the graphical planning and consulting of the pools to the installation through certified companies that are specialised and authorised, in order to guarantee the installation quality.

The layout of the pool with its details, the excavation sections, plant and light indications are developed internally. In addition, we generate as well the list of essential elements for the installation of the pool. Once that all components are defined, the kits are prepared and in part pre-assembled and sent to the construction site. In such way, several complexities are avoided such as the installation times and the loss of value the products stocked in different warehouses.

Thanks to Biodesign, the pool changes its face and becomes a tourist accommodation that is specially sculpted for fulfilling the swimming needs of the customer and adapting as far as possible to the surrounding landscape.

In addition, Biodesign commits itself to research and development; thanks to a team with a very high level and considerable financial investments, new important and innovative technologies are already ready in order to improve the potential of the entire project of development.