A safe investment

An investment in your property that lasts over time and follows the natural change of seasons. There is nothing less appealing than a pool or spa during the seasons in which it is not in use. They create environments that are devoid of emotion which in the seasons of disuse invade the garden with unsightly covers.

Biodesign is an outdoor decorative feature throughout the year, both in warm periods which invite bathing and in cold periods when it assumes the characteristics of a natural lake following the seasonal changes in the garden. The use of Biodesign technology also means reducing installation time and eliminating the disadvantages and problems of complex constructions. A technical team is able to completely install 20 m2 Biodesign in 6 working days, complete with filtration system, edge, air jets, hydromassage jets, and lighting, all without needing to interrupt the continuity of the work. Compared to traditional pools, this is a huge advantage in terms of the environment and the reduction of inconvenience for the customer. Biodesign is first and foremost an investment that increases the value of your property, forever.