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Market research

the swimming pool market in the context of Italian real estate The object of the study was the low number of private swimming pools in Italy compared to other countries with similar climatic conditions and wealth per capita. The data used for the initial premise of the research comes from the cadastral land registry at […]

piscina ecologica

The nineteen

Bathing establishment Santa Cesarea Terme (LE), Italy The pool consists of three basins (for a total water surface area of 3,400 m2), two of which have an infinity edge on the seaside to créate a sense of continuity with the horizon. Thanks to their placement on di_erent levels; the basins spill over into an open-air, […]

piscina naturale biodesign

Relilax Hotel Terme Montegrotto

Relilax is the foremost beauty spa in Italy due to its history and size. Since 1982, it has been located in one of the most renowned spa hotels, the Hotel Terme Miramonti of Montegrotto on the Euganean Hills fifteen kilometres from Padova, Italy, managed by the historic Braggion family of innkeepers that has directed it […]

The core of the Biodesign project

The heart of the entire Biodesign project is the construction process, which provides a coating of natural granulated stone modelled by hand over a structural nets, all laid over an elastic waterproof liner. The result: a solid structural soundness and highly elastic waterproofing far superior than that of traditional swimming pool. In addition they can […]

Biodesign revolution

When speaking about swimming pools, the mind runs immediately to the traditional “boxes” of reinforced concrete. Good for swimming maybe but not particularly aesthetically pleasing, creating difficulty for their integration into the surrounding environment. At least that was the situation until recently. Today Biodesign Pools offer an alternative that radically changes this concept. Our company […]

Totally eco-friendly

A product that allows you to get easy building authorizations. There are many characteristics that makeBiodesign an innovative product, starting with its limited environ- mental invasiveness, which allows the pool to fit harmo- niously into the context without the use of reinforced concrete. Therefore, the environment is the first benefi- ciary: the products used, the […]

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A safe investment

An investment in your property that lasts over time and follows the natural change of seasons. There is nothing less appealing than a pool or spa during the seasons in which it is not in use. They create environments that are devoid of emotion which in the seasons of disuse invade the garden with unsightly […]

Endemol chooses Biodesign

The Secret Story telecast, the “daughter” of the famous reality show Big Brother, the rights to which are owned by the Endemol group, goes on the air with great success (second only to the USA) on the main French TV station in the early evening for about three months. The Endemol architects who design the […]

An object of design

Biodesign is an outdoor decorative feature easily inte- grated into any landscape throughout the year, both in warm periods which invite bathing and in cold periods when it assumes the characteristics of a natural lake fol- lowing the seasonal changes in the garden. In addition, its unique shape and the stone interior lengthen the bathing […]

Biodesign academy

Biodesign’s education department is being visited more and more. Almost every week, we offer Biodesign and swimming pool marketing courses, technical seminars on swimming pool installation and since 2011 have included water treatment courses. On the occasion of these courses, API Italia, the company that has been granted the right to exploit the Biodesign patents, […]