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As a pool, garden and landscape builder, do you want to realize unique projects? Would you like to offer your customers a modern pool with a natural look that not only exploits all the pool construction options, but also fits perfectly into any garden and enables a sustainable relationship with your customers?

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As developers of pools, we have over forty years of experience and work successfully with hundreds of dealers around the world. Based on our expertise and the vision that pools can be designed to be both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing and individually tailored to our customers, we have developed the technology.

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Implement Unique Projects

For pool manufacturers and garden and landscape builders with passion

You will never find two Biodesign pools that are the same: take a look to one of our best projects. Be inspired and design not just swimming pools, but entire landscapes – with

Our technology enables sophisticated pool design, with individual shapes entirely molded by hand and above all: without any concrete. No limits when it comes to design: the soft beach entry is perfect to relax, with a gradual entrance inside the pool, just like a natural pond.

The natural design of the pools with rocks as seating and the sandy beach look can be perfectly integrated into the garden design. There are practically no limits to your creativity as a pool manufacturer and to the customer’s wishes. As one of our dealers recommends: “Get started and do it with full commitment!”

angelegter BIO.Design Pool im Garten mit toller Aussicht | Technology

Your advantages as a Dealer

As a dealer for the pool brand, you offer your customers a unique service and receive high added value for your business:

  • Completely customizable beach pools installations are possible all year round
  • Fast, minimally invasive construction site
  • Pool construction & gardening project in one
  • Training for technology
  • The prices of biodesign pools offer high turn-overs
  • Renovation, maintenance for sustainable orders invites you to the Biodesign Academy

Are you interested in the concept? Then become a dealer and benefit, for you and your employees, from our professional training in the Academy!

Our employees are experts in pool construction provide you with all the necessary knowledge about the patented technology. You will experience the materials of the coatings, the filters, pumps, passing to the design ideas: our two-days workshops are chock-full of arguments and inspiration for your work.

As a dealer in you also have access to the dealers area with information material and tutorial videos to provide you support on the construction sites.

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Twice as fast than a traditional pool

This is how a Beach-Pool is created

A traditional in-ground swimming pool takes around 23 days to complete. A pool can be created in the garden in just 10 days. In the gallery we show the work steps from A to Z.

This is how a pool is created:

  • The hole for the pool is being dug
  • The white protective geotextile is added togther with the EPDM liner
  • The necessary pipings for light, filter pump and countercurrent system are laid
  • A first layer of the sand mixture is applied to a black fiber net
  • The black foil is laid and decorative elements such as rocks are introduced
  • A white net is applied as the basis for the upper layer of coating
  • The second layer is laid
  • The resin-quartz coating is smoothed and levigated
  • The swimming pool is ready to be filled and the surrounding landscape is reshaped

The future of pool construction: Creating Natural Aesthetics

For the pool sector, the technology represents a revolution in environmental sustainability, design options and construction time.

As a dealer, you always have the opportunity to carefully implement your professional vision, without dealing with compromises, as you usually do with concrete or frame pools.

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