Exclusive in Trentino

The Croce Bianca Leisure & Spa is a traditional 4-star hotel in Trentino Alto Adige, in the popular resort area of Canazei, in the heart of the Dolomites which were elected as a “World Heritage” site.
It is a true natural paradise where Sorapera, a high-profile architect in Trentino, and the man- aging director of the hotel, Erik Detone, have chosen to create a pool which is perfectly integrated into the landscape, and highly technological at the same time. This was the impetus for the installation of a Biodesign pool that starts inside the spa among monoliths, the children’s areas, and submerged seats. It is separated from the outside by a large glass wall that allows bathers to enjoy air jet therapy with a wonder- ful view of the Dolomites. To prevent heat loss an automatic glass door was installed inside the pool which is activated by proximity sensors. The outdoor section is composed of two pools, one higher and smaller that creates a waterfall effect into the larger one below it which can be timed through independent filtration systems. The lower pool is heated and a cover built into the floor enables it to be closed overnight.
The pool also offers water jets for neck massag- es, beaches, and relaxation areas The structure’s exterior cladding blends in beautifully with the pool. Thanks to management and architects able to see outside the box, once again, Biodesign technology was a helpful tool in creat- ing a unique structure in perfect harmony with the landscape and the environment in general.
These result were attained thanks to the quality of construction and organization of Inacqua Srl, the Biodesign dealership in Bergamo.