Become a Biodesign Dealer


The Biodesign project

The aim of the Biodesign project is to create a industrial development on a large scale in order to spread the Biodesign brand and technology throughout the world. Thanks to its properties, Biodesign is the only technology that is able to remove the aesthetical obstacles of the traditional pools and to enter in every garden.

Biodesign creates a unique aquatic environment, tailored for the needs of the owner and in a perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. Every house, every garden and every terrace can be transformed in a new living space and increases the value of the property. In this way, there is a regeneration of the surrounding environment, which improves the well-being of the customer.

The inherent competitive advantage of the BD technology makes the pools unique, very attractive and, for this reason, easy to propose. The commercial strategy is to show the advantages of Biodesign to the market. For this reason, we have started to develop and to train a structured network of companies concerned with all distribution, installation and maintenance processes in an efficient and harmonic way.

The network consists of different collaboration types: BD Professional Unit and BD Basic Unit. The BD Units (Professional and Basic) interface directly with the customer.

Thanks to their dissemination, promotion, marketing and selling activities, the two collaboration types ensure a wide presence of the brand in the territory and thanks to their management of the construction site and the installation, the quality of the Biodesign pool is always very high for the satisfaction of the customer.

The management has designed and created a model in which the loss of value concerning the transport and the stock in warehouses is cut in order to achieve a sustainable and solid production and distribution process.


It is necessary that a Biodesign Unit knows the three main activities and seeks to increase their marginality and maintain the corresponding value.


Marketing has a significant importance and should be planned, as a percentage on the sale in order to control the impact on the cost on the invoiced goods.

Purchase / Selling

The purchasing and selling activities of the traditional pool kits transmit low value to the activity and does not allow to apply high mark-ups. Biodesign, instead, ensures high profit margins with a targeted business project.


On the other side, the installation of a Biodesign pool is the main activity that transfers competences and value to the product. In this way, it allows to increase the marginality of the company.


The BD Basic Unit is responsible for the promotion, commercialising, selling, installation (only under the supervision of API Italia) and the maintenance of a Biodesign pool. It is a precursor of the BD Professional Unit, which allows the company to enter more easily in collaboration with Biodesign.

Contratto BD Basic Unit


The aim of a BD Professional Unit is to promote, commercialise, sell, install and maintain the Biodesign pools. It is a specialised dealer. The corresponding contract gives BD Professional unit the necessary time, the security of the investment and the in-depth knowledge of the technology.

Contratto BD Basic Unit